img “To say I hated dentists would be an understatement. I only went to a dentist when I had a toothache and/or needed a tooth pulled. Several years ago I lost my two front teeth and had a removable “flipper” that I hated. The older I got the more the “vanity factor” prompted me to investigate possible alternatives.

As an African-American woman fairly new to the area, I went onto the web to do research. The Branchburg Dental Web site caught my attention and I sent my first email full of questions. What I received back from Office Manager, Chris, was a response that was both professional and informative, yet comforting and reassuring.

After several more question filled emails and phone calls, I felt like I’d known Chris for years by the time I had my first appointment. The hygienist, Lisa, is a dedicated and caring professional. If she’s working on you and you experience any type of discomfort, so does she. She’ll immediately stop and get whatever is needed to make your time painless.

Dr. Murali looks much too young to be the doctor, but she has the skill of a surgeon and the patience of a saint. Aided by her assistant, Janine, it doesn’t matter if it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours, she’ll spend whatever time necessary to ensure that as a patient you are not only satisfied with the work, but that while you were having the work done you were as comfortable as possible. She guides you through the process and never thinks your questions or concerns are trivial.

I opted for a costly and extensive treatment, but it’s an investment I’m extremely happy that I’ve made. But here’s the bottom line. If you’re afraid of dentists…If you swore you’d never go to another dentist…Even if you hate dentists…..Please give them a try. I’d recommend Branchburg Dental to anyone, young or old, in need of any type of dental work.”

- Diane M., Somerset img

 img “I have been a patient at Branchburg Dental for many years and I have always had pleasant experiences when interacting with the practice. Whether I am scheduled for my dental cleaning or elective cosmetic procedures, I always walk away so pleased with Branchburg Dental.

Dr. Murali is extremely talented and she performs such beautiful work – the transformation is incredible. I get so many compliments on my great smile! In my business relations, I interact with many clients and I know that “A Winning Smile” just helps give me so much more confidence.

A RARE FIND…..that’s what Dr. Murali and her team are….A RARE FIND! “

- Ginny L., Somerville img